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Course Requirements

The curriculum for the BSW degree consists of a minimum of 120 credit hours provided through required and elective courses.  Of these 120 hours, 36-38 credit hours are devoted to general education and supportive liberal arts courses and 52 credit hours to social work courses.  The remainder of the required credit hours are earned through elective courses.   Students are free to select elective courses of their choice.

Students in the BSW program must successfully complete all freshman, sophomore, and junior social work courses and achieve senior standing before enrolling in the senior year course work.

While the BSW supportive and required courses are the same of all five IU campuses: Bloomington, East, Indianapolis, South Bend, and Gary, the general education requirements vary by campus.  Students should consult with a  BSW advisor on the IU Northwest campus to determine these requirements that must be fulfilled for graduation.

BSW General Education and Support Course Requirements

General Education Requirements

Student earning the BSW degree on the IU Northwest campus complete the following general education requirements:

  1. English Composition and Oral Communication
    • ENG W131 Elementary Composition
    • ENG W231 Professional Writing
    • SPCH S121 Public Speaking
  2. Mathematics

    MATH M100 Basic Mathematics or M110, M118, M119 or M125

  3. Physical Science with Lab

    BIO L 100 Humans and the Biological World   5 credits (recommended) or alternative course(s)

  4. Arts & Humanities

    One 3 credit course from an approved list.

  5. Social and Behavioral Sciences
    • PSY P101 Introductory Psychology I or PSY P102 Introductory Psychology II
    • SOC S161 Principles of Sociology
Support Course Requirements

Social work majors must also complete the following supportive area course requirements:

  • POLS Y 103 Intro to American Politics
  • BIOL L 100 Humans and the Biological World

    Note: Students taking BIOL L100 for 5 credits can use this course to meet both the physical science with lab and the human biology BSW degree requirement.

    Students who have taken other human biology courses can substitute courses with approval of the BSW program director.

  • One 300 Level Psychology Course from the following courses:
    • **PSY P324  Abnormal Psychology (recommended)
    • PSY P303 Health Psychology
    • PSY P314 Psychology of Adolescence
    • PSY P316 Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence
    • PSY P319 Psychology of Personality
    • PSY P320 Social Psychology
    • PSY P327 Psychology of Motivation
    • PSY P329 Sensation and Perception
    • PSY P335 Cognitive Psychology
    • SOC S 310 Sociology of Women in America
    • SOC S 311 Political Sociology
    • SOC S 313 Sociology of Religion
    • SOC S 316 Sociology of the Family
    • SOC S 320 Deviant Behavior & Social Control
    • SOC S 325 Criminology
    • SOC S 331 Sociology of Aging
    • SOC S 335 Race & Ethnic Relations

Required Social Work Courses