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Academic Planning


All students declaring the social work major are advised by a social work faculty advisor each semester in preparation for registration for the following term.  An initial academic plan is developed at the time the major is declared, and then refined after formal admission to the major.  Formal admission must occur after the first four social work courses (SWK-S 102, SWK-S 141, SWK-S 221 and SWK-S 251) are completed.

Permission to register for the junior and senior social work courses (300 and 400 level courses) must be obtained from a social work advisor prior to registration.

To schedule an appointment to meet with a social work advisor contact Kesha Hearn King in the social work office MP 3186, 219-980-7111.  After the initial advising session, a permanent advisor is assigned who can be contacted at any time.

Transfer Student Advising

Transfer students considering or planning on transferring to IU Northwest to complete the BSW degree are encouraged to discuss the process with Dr. Darlene Lynch as early as possible to ensure a smooth transfer.  Transfer students can start taking the beginning required social work courses either fall or spring semesters.  Inquiries from those considering transferring from a community college or another four year institution are welcome.  To schedule an appointment or to just inquire by phone contact Kesha Hearn King at 219-980-7111 or at khearnki@iun.edu

Ivy Tech Community College Transfer Course Equivalency (PDF, >1MB)

Course Scheduling

The first four social work courses (SWK-S 102, SWK-S 141, SWK-S 221, and SWK-S 251) are offered both fall and spring semesters allowing students to begin taking courses in the major either semester during the academic year.  Students interested in exploring the social work major are encouraged to take SWK-S 141, Introduction to Social Work and to meet with Dr.Lynch initially to discuss career possibilities.

The junior level courses (SWK-S 322, SWK-S 331, and SWK-S 352) are offered both fall and spring semesters.  SWK-S 332 and SWK-S 371 are offered in the spring semester.

The senior level courses can only be begun in the fall semester.  Half of these courses are taken in the fall and the second half in the spring semester.

The beginning social work classes meet once a week for a longer block of time.  Classes are held Monday through Thursday from either 1:00 to 3:45pm or from 4:00-6:45pm.  If a class meets in the 1:00pm time slot in the fall, it will meet in the 4:00pm time slot in the spring term and vice versa.  Some senior courses are held in the evening to better accommodate field practicum hours.

Social Work Course Sequencing

SWK-S 102 and SWK-S 141 should be taken prior to beginning SWK-S 221 and SWK-S 251, although students declaring the major later in their academic careers may take all four courses during the same semester to avoid extending their completion of the degree.

Full Time and Part Time Options

Both full time and part time options are available for students completing the required social work courses.  The junior and senior coursework can be completed over two years for full time students.  Part time students can complete the required social work courses over three or four years.